Questions About REO

Questions Q: What does REO mean?
A: REO is an acronym for “Real Estate Owned.”

Q: Why do people purchase REO properties?
A: The properties are often listed “as is.” That makes them great opportunities for those who want to buy and fix up the properties and use them as a principle residence or an investment property.

Q: How is purchasing REO properties different from regular real estate purchases?
A: REO properties are owned by corporations not individuals which leads to significant differences in all aspects of the purchase.

Q: What should I know about buying at a “Trustee’s Sale”?
A: Do your research before buying and use extreme caution before investing. Properties purchased at a Trustee’s Sale are sold “as-is” for cash. There are no refunds.

Questions About BPO

Q: What does BPO mean?
A: BPO is an acronym for “Broker Price Opinion.”

Q: Why are BPO’s conducted?
A: Sunquest’s team performs a BPO of a residential property for use in collections and loss mitigation.

Q: What is contained in a BPO report?
A: The report combines information from a drive-by exterior examination, external data sources, previous sale data, property assessment data, recent comparable sales and current neighborhood listings, as well as a photograph of the subject property.

Q: What are the advantages of a BPO?
A: BPOs significantly lower loan costs and decrease turnaround time. They also provide reliable valuations to minimize credit risk. Also, an up-to-date property photograph helps assist in identification of visible deferred maintenance.


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